The Sketchbook Project, now in its 10th year, is a global art project that spans generations, races, skill and continents. The crowd-sourced collection, in its entirety, is housed in our home-grown library space, Brooklyn Art Library. Everyone is welcome to participate. Here are just a few of the reason we think you should.



Your work, cataloged and on display

When your sketchbook is complete, it will join the rest of The Sketchbook Project collection--the world's largest collection of sketchbooks, in fact--at our physical library space in Brooklyn, NYC. Part exhibition space, part art installation, and part reading room, Brooklyn Art Library is a hub of creativity where visitors can interact with each hand-made art book first-hand. Artists can attach as manysearchable tags and keywords to their books as they want, helping visitors to find exactly what their looking for in our tailored and intentional check-out experience.


We travel to weird places

Over the past decade, we've driven cross-country 5+ times, toting the books in our collection to creative communities across North America. Our pop-up exhibitions operate the same way as our library space does, where visitors can search our catalog to find books on-board and spend time flipping through the pages of an original artist sketchbook. To date we've shown the sketchbooks at art walks in Colorado, design schools in Miami,art fairs in NYC, farmers markets in New Orleans, food truck parks in Austin, sculpture parks in New Jersey, distilleries in Toronto, and more.


Help build a creative resource

In completing a sketchbook, you are adding your voice to a dense archive of creative material built from the ground up by a diverse community of artists from around the globe. Our collection includes chapbooks, zines, travel journals, stories, memoirs, and more; some books are silly and uplifting, while others are revealing and heartbreaking. On a single shelf, a book made by a professional illustrator can sit next to a book made by a student in a second grade classroom. There is value in every book in our collection, and each book has a story to tell.


An alternative audience for your work

The Sketchbook Project is a way to reengage with your creative self and share your work with the world. Our check-out process marries digital and analog ways of discovering artwork; after searching our catalog, visitors select specific books to view in a hands-on, interactive experience. Visitors are then encouraged to follow artists' work using info on the back cover of each sketchbook, where artists can list URLs and social media handles. We're putting the social aspect back in social media, connecting audiences with artists in an analog experience that can't be found anywhere else.