About us

Started 11 years ago by Steven Peterman and Shane Zucker, Brooklyn Art Library is a hub of creativity, inspiration and of course sketchbooks. We currently house over 36,000 in our storefront space in Brooklyn, NY. These days, we are a small team of four people that manage the entire project, from shipping to project creation. 

We are always looking for new partnerships and best friends. Contact us to chat!


Steven Peterman
Founder / Director

Steven founded the project back in 2006 while attending Savannah College of Art and Design. He spends his days running the project and scheming up new business ideas. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Sara (see below), his dog, Harriet and his cat, Thrifty. He is also a photographer!


Emily Morin
Assistant Director

Emily's background is in healthcare and public relations, so a natural next step would be for her to manage the logistics behind Brooklyn Art Library and The Sketchbook Project. When not at the library, you can find her exploring the city with her super mutt Mowgli, attending new musicals and plays, and giving out unsolicited podcast suggestions. 


Liz Migueles
Project and Design Assistant

Liz is a recent grad with degrees in Design and Advertising. She spends her free time with her nose stuck in a book and missing her stops on the subway.


Sara Peterman
Special Projects

Currently based in Brooklyn, and originally from Atlanta. Sara has a degree in Textile Design from Georgia State University, and continues to work with patterns, hand printing, illustration, and teaching textile classes.