UPDATE: We have sold out of the 200 free Art Friday kits. We decided to make more at our cost of $5. Please see below! But also because you are awesome, use code 'ARTFRIDAY' to get 20% off everything!!

We think this time of year should be all about family and art! That's why, we are launching our first ever Art Friday! The first 200 people to sign up will get a FREE artist postcard and a Micron pen to write a letter to a friend, draw a picture for your mother or to keep for yourself!

The first 200 people to sign up here will receive a free postcard and pen! We'll be sending you an artist postcard from our recent zine/postcard launch and one of our favorite pens. 

Please only order 1 per user!


Oh no! Its looks like we sold out :-(

Order an art Friday kit for $5 below or use code 'artfriday' for 20% off everything  the site!


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