The Canvas Project

This crowd-sourced community art project encapsulates Everything We Know. Your single canvas will contribute to the visual encyclopedia of prompted words painted by artists from all over the world.




Everything We Know - a visual encyclopedia compiled by creative people from around the world, completed on mini canvases. As a kickoff to this challenge, our artist community contributed words that are meant to inspire and energize their fellow artists. Inside your box, you’ll receive a word sent from one of the thousands of artists from our creative community. We have exactly 2,000 prompted words that will make up the entirety of The Canvas Project. 

Anyone - from anywhere in the world - can be a part of this project. To participate and receive a canvas which will become part of our printed visual encyclopedia and our global art swap, sign up on the form to the right.

THEME: Everything We Know

Your unique prompted word falls under this project's umbrella theme, Everything We Know. Participants can choose and explore however they want. 

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Sign up by: May 9th, 2018
Postmark by: August 10th, 2018
Book/Swap: November, 2018


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Canvas Project
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Please select yes or no to each option to customize your canvas. Please note, canvases will start shipping 2/10!

The preordered encyclopedia will be shipped once printed, and will come in the same package as the swapped canvas you will receive. 

The supply pack includes two paint brushes of varying thickness, three 10 ml acrylic paint tubes, one pencil and a BAL pin or three special Canvas Project stickers. 


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We asked our global community of artists to submit words, scoured the internet for interesting one-word prompts and racked our brains for the craziest color names we could think of. We narrowed it down to 2,000 words.

Most are specific, many will inspire, but what's most important is that we only have 2,000 and that no word will be given out twice. Your word is especially unique, just for you!

A quirky and exciting aspect of this project is that the words come to us on a giant green roll of tickets and will be nestled inside your Canvas Project box for you to discover. The words, in alphabetical order are first come first serve. Depending on when you sign up, you may get an A word, a G word or, maybe even a Z word!



Each artist is sent the same 4x4" blank canvas.

The canvas must be used in some way and your work must be done ON the canvas - no sending us back a blank or completely different canvas!

The canvas must stay within its original dimensions.

We are unable to accept canvases mailed back to us after the postmark date of August 10th. We’re working on a timeline and want to make sure these encyclopedias can be created and shipped to you by November 2018.

Lastly, make sure to fill out the Artist Card before sending your canvas back to us, as that ensures it will be delivered to another artist in our community!

Brooklyn Art Library 2.jpg


Once you’ve sent your finished canvas back to our library, it will be dispatched back out into the community of The Canvas Project to a fellow artist’s home. For keeps and for connections, your painting will be a piece of a larger tapestry of our project, as well as a 4x4" reminder of the creative relationships we can make across the globe.