Paint a canvas, swap with other artists and help us create a visual encyclopedia.

We’re excited to be offering another medium for our artist community to create their work in.

Here is what you get:

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Your word is unique, and crowd-sourced

We’ve called upon our robust community of artists from all over the globe to send us 2,000 single word prompts to help inspire the participants of this project. Whether you want to take the word literally or use it as a jumping off point, it’s completely up to you! You will be the only one with your unique word, and know that when finished, your canvas will end up in the hands of a fellow artist from this creative community.

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Your work, in a book

Once your canvas is sent back to us and before being swapped with a fellow artist’s canvas, it will be added to our visual encyclopedia. With no guidance but hundreds of single prompted words, this book will be minimally curated to display the distinct and intimate collection of all the little parts of life that make up Everything We Know.

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Swap artwork with an artist across the globe

After your canvas is sent back and added to our visual encyclopedia, it will be dispatched back out into the community of The Canvas Project to a fellow artist’s home. For keeps and for connections, your canvas will be a piece of a larger tapestry of our project, as well as a 4x4" reminder of the creative relationships we can make across the globe.



We get around:

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Canvas Project
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Please select yes or no to each option to customize your canvas. Please note, canvases will start shipping 2/10!

The preordered encyclopedia will be shipped once printed, and will come in the same package as the swapped canvas you will receive. 

The supply pack includes two paint brushes of varying thickness, three 10 ml acrylic paint tubes, one pencil and a BAL pin or three special Canvas Project stickers. 


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