Instructional Drawing - All Ages Creative Class

Instructional Drawing - All Ages Creative Class

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NOVEMBER 30, 2017

JANUARY 18, 2018


FEBRUARY 15, 2018

Instructional Drawing Class. If your drawing was a finger, what would it be pointing at? A drawing is a way of seeing, and pointing out to us what you see. If done with intention and sincerity, a drawing is more expressive of you than any words you might say. In this class you will have personal assistance in refining and developing your skills.

Instructor: Nancy Wait

We're lucky to have a large community of working artists as part of The Sketchbook Project and now some of them have become our artist teachers! Come join in on this 90 minute long art class for all ages. Admission is $20 a class, $25 with complimentary art supplies. There is an option for a 20% discount on all classes paid for at once. Classes may be bought as a gift or in advance, through our website or in the store. 

Admission is not refundable, although we will offer a 10% discount on buying admission to another class. 

Contact Events Coordinator Sarah McEachern at for any questions about classes at Brooklyn Art Library.

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