The dictionary defines 'ah' as an expression used to describe delight, relief, regret or contempt. Our everyday world is filled to the brim with objects and people and places that demand nothing more of us than the acknowledgment of their existence. In my work I am trying to show you all the 'ah' that I see. Recently using old family photos as references, mood atmosphere and light dominate my paintings. With collage I experience a freedom not present in my process of painting though a sense of story is prevalent in both.

After 20 years in Philadelphia, I graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and received a BFA from the University of Pennsylvania; I returned to my small hometown & now reside in a modest cottage with a yurt in the yard, a cat, and the man I love who (luckily for both of us, well maybe both of us) is my husband. Our son flew the coop, though not too far.