Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Brooklyn Art Library?

Brooklyn Art Library is home to The Sketchbook Project, an internationally crowd-sourced collection of 35,000 original artist sketchbooks created around the globe.  With over one million sketchbook spreads housed within our library walls, we launched the print shop to connect and support the global community of artists who have submitted to The Sketchbook Project over the past ten years.  All of the sketchbook spreads featured on this website can be viewed at our physical storefront space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY!

WHo are these artists? 

The artists represented on this site have all submitted their work to The Sketchbook Project.  The Sketchbook Project is a crowd-sourced collection of sketchbooks representing thousands of artists of all ages and backgrounds, from over 135 countries around the globe.

Can I submit a sketchbook?

Absolutely!  Brooklyn Art Library's collection is crowd-sourced and continuously expanding.  Click here to learn how you can submit a sketchbook to Brooklyn Art Library!

What If I'm looking for a type of print I don't see here? 

We're happy to help!  Stop by our Custom page, where you'll be prompted to fill out a personalized curation form.  Our librarians know Brooklyn Art Library's collection better than anyone, and we will provide you with a selection of prints pulled just for you!

Can I get a custom size?

If you're looking for a print larger than 17" x 11", let us know!  Otherwise, we do not offer custom sizes at this time.

How much do the artists get from each sale?

50% of the profits from each print sale are sent to the artist who created the sketchbook.  In purchasing a print, you are helping to support our library space in Brooklyn as well as the global community of artists who have built our collection over the past ten years!

Do artists get 50% of the frame sale as well?

Artists receive 50% of the profits from each print sale, not each frame sale.