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Ten years ago, two college students launched an exhibition in Atlanta featuring a selection of sketchbooks created by local artists. Today, The Sketchbook Project has evolved into a crowd-sourced, permanent collection of over 35,000 sketchbooks.

The Sketchbook Project collection features artists of all ages and backgrounds - from New York to New Zealand, age seven to eighty-seven.  What began as an exploration of the sketchbook medium has become an interactive exhibition space, where the notions of art-making, technology, collaboration, and accessibility constantly intersect and intertwine.


At Brooklyn Art Library, we've created a platform where anyone -- first-time artists, full-time creators, and everyone in between -- can show, share, and sell their work.  Click here to learn how you can join the library, and click here for details about visiting our library space in Williamsburg!


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Marissa Passi