Artist Spotlight: April Donovan


We caught up with artist, illustrator, and art director April Donovan for a quick Q&A about her background, influences, and experience making her 2012 submission to The Sketchbook Project.  A lover of nature and a good book, read below for a peek into April's creative process.


Have you always kept a sketchbook, or was creating your sketchbook a totally new endeavor for you?  
Did you enter The Sketchbook Project with certain goals, or was it more of an experimental experience?

I always have a sketchbook going.  One of the things that attracted me to The Sketchbook Project was the idea of creating a book centered around a theme.  Giving the book deep meaning on many levels inspired me.  I wanted to tell a story.

Are there certain themes that recur throughout your work?
Describe any visual or conceptual elements that you find central to your process.

My work usually involves words-- sometimes handwriting, sometimes incorporating professional typography.  I find it more enjoyable and meaningful to create work that supports an idea also expressed through words.  The words can be poetry, or even just descriptive captions. Often, I like to read in the woods and draw whatever comes to mind as I'm exploring the text.


How does your personal background or geographic location tie into your artistic practice?

I'd say my background and location tie directly into my practice.  I'm a very curious person, and love travel and adventure.  I'm inspired by the woods, as mentioned, but also love to spend time soaking up the culture in proper cities.  Some of my favorite cities are Philadelphia, New York, Seattle, and San Francisco.

As it rains a lot in Oregon in the winter, and this is always the time of year that I spend more time in the city.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, April!  Click here to see more of April's work, and be sure to sign up for the Field Guide newsletter below.