Beyond the Book: Heather Sinclair Turns Her Sketches into Clothing


Guest blogger and Sketchbook Project participant Heather Sinclair shares how she took the small drawings from her pocket-sized Sketchbook Project and digitally scaled them for use on textiles.

I am an American Illustrator and Animator working in Berlin, Germany, with a BFA in Illustration from Parsons School of Design and an MFA in Computer Graphics from Pratt Institute.  My sketchbook artwork is highly detailed and overlapping line drawings, done mostly with Rotring Art Pen, Stabilo markers, or pencil.  This is a style of drawing I always did for fun and relaxation - it’s very meditative, and I feel like I am tracing something that is already there in the paper. 

Since this style of drawing has the appearance of a pattern, especially from a distance, I thought it would lend itself well to being printed on textiles; actually, in high school other students would give me blank Keds and pay me to draw patterns on them, so that is maybe where it all began!

I originally used The Sketchbook Project as a challenge to draw freely and experiment.  Some of the figures are from life, but mostly are from my imagination. I had no intention of it being anything other than what it is - nonetheless, I think this style may have found its place in textiles and I look forward to doing more of these types of drawings, perhaps leaning towards specific themes!


Heather is selling textiles through VIDA, which offers 10% net profit to the artist and 10% towards literacy programs in Pakistan.  Click here to browse Heather's full collection, and use the code NLEX-15 to get $15 off any item through February 3, 2017!

Prints of Heather's work are also available through Brooklyn Art Library.  50% of the profit goes back to Heather and her artistic practice, and the other 50% helps fund programs at Brooklyn Art Library's space in Williamsburg.  Click here to see Heather's prints!