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We're excited to be kicking off a new challenge called Infinite Sketch. Think of it as an endless visual story, connecting you to people around the globe through a single format.

You’ll receive a starter kit filled with five secret art supplies for you to explore, and a unique prompted sketch card. Create anything you want inside the marked parameters on the card; these markings will allow your finished work to align with the next artist’s, and the next -- all within the theme ‘Cosmos and Connections.’

This project will culminate into a physical (in New York City) and digital exhibition in late fall, 2018.

The final sketch will be just under two football fields long! DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION : OCTOBER 15th

WHat's included?

  • A blank Infinite Sketch project card
  • 5 surprise art supplies to complete your work

  • Entry into our digital exhibition

  • Entry into our physical installation in New York City

Tell me more...

More than a stand alone art project, Infinite Sketch is a way of connecting with people from around the galaxy. As part of Infinite Sketch, there will be three components to your experience:

  • Complete your Sketch Card with your unique prompted word and send it back to us. You’re free to use the 5 secret art supplies, or any other 2D medium you see fit!

  • Have your work included in physical and digital exhibitions.

  • Be a part of one global (and very long) piece of art!


Infinite Sketch | Secret Supplies

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