Journals, diaries, memoirs, whatever you call it, we want it. Brooklyn Art Library is all about humans sharing stories. We are building a global time capsule to help articulate, in an analog way, our collective creative thoughts.


Own your creativity.

Lots of people in our community don't consider themselves "artists." They're here to contribute to a global project, do something creative and stretch their imagination when it comes to what they thought they were capable of making.  We've had first time artists, self proclaimed amateurs, doctors, teachers, retirees and so many more. Stop worrying about the label and just create.

An analog archive for the digital world.

Our world is constantly inundated by the digital - but what if there was still a place you could visit, a creative archive you could contribute to, that focuses on the power of creating in the physical form? Yes, we’re a museum that actually encourages you to touch the art.


We’re collecting stories and we want yours.

Do you have something you want to share with the world? A word of encouragement, or perspective you want to leave on a shelf for a stranger to find? Don’t worry too much about  One of our favorite 10 year olds once told us, 'If you make a mistake, don't fix it. Just make sure it was part of it."

Make a mistake! 

Be a global citizen.

Our library has hundreds of thousands of checkouts a year. People from over 100 countries have contributed to this collection. This project is ALL about being inclusive and sharing ideas on a global level. For viewing books at our library, we use a democratic system that is not about skill, it's about content and tag words, (with a bit of randomness mixed in).