Brooklyn Art Library's Mini Guides are crowd-sourced by artists from all over the globe. We highlight our artists' work to introduce a "how to" aspect to working in a new medium or genre of art. 

We at Brooklyn Art Library are motivated by the work that is shared with us every day, so we hope these curated Mini Guides provide you with the same type of creative boost. Collect them all and carry them with you as you embark on your next artistic journey. 



Interested in being featured in an upcoming Mini Guide? We are seeking artists to help create a series of mini how-to guides. In order to maintain the quality of the guides and to control costs, we are offering opening this up to applications only. 

Selected artists get the following:

  • Your work featured in a Mini Guide
  • Your guide will be distributed globally
  • 25 free guides to use as you wish
  • Info about you including: Instagram and website

Please note, due to the high volume of requests, we are unable to respond to everyone. We will be in touch if we choose to move forward with your work!

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Use this template to work out what you will draw!


'How to Collage' Mini guide by Kate Castelli


'How to Cartoon' Mini guide by Millie von Platen (@mildroodle)