Founded in 2009 as a collaborative, global art initiative, Brooklyn Art Library houses over 35,000 sketchbooks created by artists from around the world. We support professional and amateur artists by providing a platform for them to create, display, and market their work using sketchbooks as a medium.


Brooklyn Art Library is the permanent home of The Sketchbook Project, the world's largest collection of artist books, crowd-sourced from every corner of the globe. Artists of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to submit a sketchbook to our collection, which is on view to the public online and at our storefront space in Brooklyn.


Brooklyn Art Library is an interactive exhibition space where The Sketchbook Project is on view to the public. Our walls are lined with shelves that hold the tens of thousands of sketchbooks currently in the collection, created by artists from around the world. Through our physical library space and our online print shop, we hope to connect visitors with the work of new (and perhaps unknown) artists.


We launched the Brooklyn Art Library Print Shop to create an additional platform to explore the collection, generate revenue and exposure for participating artists, and to share the work of The Sketchbook Project beyond our library walls. All prints are printed by a local Brooklyn printer, and profits are split with the artists 50/50. In purchasing a print, you are helping to support our library space in Brooklyn as well as our global community of artists who have built the collection over the past ten years!