Collage / Vintage / Ephemera

Collage / Vintage / Ephemera

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Our Brooklyn made, house-published zines and matching postcard packs are curated with work from artists of varying backgrounds, but all brought together by a continuity in the themes of their work. They embrace both the randomness and found themes within our collection. 

Printed on 120pt uncoated card stock, you can grab a postcard of each image in this zine. Write letters to your friends or hang them on your wall as prints!

The Zines are printed in Brooklyn, NY by Rolling Press on 70 lb recycled and certified paper. Each book is 34 pages, perfect pound and held together with an 80 lb recycled cover. 

A special thanks to flight design co for their help with design

This zine showcases work from artists all over the world.

Artists included: Beth Holladay, Michelle Yee, Sol Loanzillota, Art Smith, Romani Benjamin, Susan Jokelson, Marie Sawicki, Clare Jean Ford, John Johnston, Nuria Riza, Thomas Armstrong, Pasquale de Sensi, Richard Vergez, Sian Robertson and Taylor Yocom.

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