Brooklyn Art Library is a community project and crowd-sourced library featuring over 35,000 sketchbooks, created by artists from 135 countries around the globe. The library acts as an interactive exhibition space where visitors can view hundreds of individually-filled, handmade art books representing a wide variety of styles, perspectives, content, and media.  Our digital catalog features hundreds of themes and keywords, allowing visitors to discover the work of new perhaps unknown artists in an interactive, intimate, and memorable experience.

In addition to viewing sketchbooks during Brooklyn Art Library's public hours each weekend, we invite classes, school groups, and organizations of all kinds to interact with The Sketchbook Project collection during private weekday tours.  Hour-long private tours are led by our team of librarians, who arguably know The Sketchbook Project better than anyone.  During the tour, a librarian will introduce The Sketchbook Project, facilitate sketchbook check-out, and pull a curated selection of sketchbooks for the group to interact with first-hand.  Brooklyn Art Library's reading room is an inspiring and stimulating environment unlike any other gallery or museum space, perfect for creative groups of all ages. 

For larger groups within the five boroughs of NYC, we also travel for pop-up customizable programs at schools, universities, and organizations.  We will hand-pick a curated selection of sketchbooks for your group to browse in a hands-on, immersive, tailored experience.


Use the contact form below or email us to request more information about group tours, bulk orders of sketchbooks,
and other custom programs at Brooklyn Art Library!