'This Is Where We Are' - Spring Print Exchange

'This Is Where We Are' - Spring Print Exchange

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Create 11 prints, receive 10 prints from artists all over the globe!

Share your work internationally, build your personal art collection, and network with artists from around the world with our latest Print Exchange! To participate, simply register online and create an edition of eleven 5" x 7" prints using the theme 'This Is Where We Are'. Once your edition is complete, send your prints to us and we will swap ten of your prints with the work of ten other artists from around the world.  You will receive 10 DIFFERENT PRINTS from different artists in return, and your work will be shared with creatives across the globe!


+Your paper size MUST be 5 in x 7 in, no bigger, no smaller. Prints that do not follow this size will not be included in the exchange! 
+You must create 11 prints that have ONE editionable (repeated) element. Click here to learn more about editions 
+Any handmade print is accepted (sorry, no digital prints). Suggested techniques include etching, wood block, litho, and rubber stamp
+Analog photography is welcome! (or digital photos printed with a hand printed process) 
+You will receive 10 different prints from artists all over the globe to keep! Write your name, website, or email on the back of your print if you'd like to stay in touch with other artists in the exchange! 
+ The postmark deadline for this Print Exchange is Friday, June 30th


+10 original prints from artists all over the globe
+Shipping of the 10 prints back to you (+5 dollars for international) 
+Entry into the print exchange (Your fee helps crowd-fund this project, so thanks!) 


This year we are adding 2 new options to our Print Exchange! You can now pre-order a book of all the prints for a discount of 20% and you can add 25 wholesale postcard prints of your own work that you can sell, give out or keep! More info below.

    Preorder Book +$12:
    Add 25 Wholesale Postcards +$30:
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    Want to sell your prints? 

    Add a set of 25 digital postcard wholesale prints to your order and we will scan, print and create 25 quality postcard prints for you that you can sell at a market, on your website or give to family and friends!

    Book Pre-Order

    We are making a book! Everyone who sends back a print will be included in the book. Pre-order now and save 20% off the retail price! +Free shipping!