The Sketchbook Project 2018

The Sketchbook Project 2018

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Add digitizing to have your book professionally scanned and added to our online library.

Add a starter kit with all of the essentials for creating your sketchbook. *Kits currently may come with an SBP 2018 tote bag or Sketch Ya Later pencil pouch. 


Standard Sketchbook - $30
Please select Yes/No for both optional add-ons below

Add Starter Supplies +$25:
Add Digitizing +$35:
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What is the Digital Library?

The Digital Library is an online archive of over 18,000 books in The Sketchbook Project collection.  The pages of each book are individually photographed and uploaded to The Sketchbook Project website, where viewers can virtually flip through the pages of each book, save and comment on favorites, curate collections, and bookmark sketchbooks they want to see in person at Brooklyn Art Library.


What is 'The Starter Pack'?

The Starter Pack includes supplies and a custom tote bag to get you started!

Pack includes:
+2 Micron Pens
+2018 BAL Tote

Here is what we believe:

  • We believe that creating should be for anyone
  • We believe that art work should inspire and be assessable
  • We believe that a teenagers artwork from sudan can sit on a shelf next to work from a professional illustrator from New york and have just as much impact
  • We believe people should create to create. Its ok to just have fun and share your story with the world