We like to get around...

Over the past decade, we've driven cross-country 5+ times, toting the books in our collection to creative communities across North America. Our pop-up exhibitions operate the same way as our library space does, where visitors can search our catalog to find books on-board and spend time flipping through the pages of an original artist sketchbook. To date we've shown the sketchbooks at art walks in Colorado, design schools in Miami,art fairs in NYC, farmers markets in New Orleans, food truck parks in Austin, sculpture parks in New Jersey, distilleries in Toronto, and more.


It's a library

Imagine a place where you are surrounded by 36,000 sketchbooks, all searchable and cataloged. Imagine you can hold them, feel the textures, connect with more artists and even submit your own book. Well, it's real, and it's called Brooklyn Art Library. You are about to become a part of it.

It's also mobile

Why just stick to NY? We host exhibitions all over the world. From Melbourne to London and NYC to LA. Each spring, we will release a schedule of events, tour stops and pop-ups. It's like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks.

We've traveled to 39 states, 3 continents, and over 50 cities.
Who knows where we will go next...


New York


Look for more 2018 exhibition dates coming in early spring 2018.
Please note, tour and exhibition dates are dependent on the number of participants.

Want to host an exhibition? Contact us for more info.


How we handle thousands of viewers and thousands of books

We use barcode scanners along with unique barcodes placed carefully on the back cover of each sketchbook. We hand-wrote a custom library system to catalog all the books, track the check outs, and handle viewers returning books. No need to worry: we're professionals, and we've got it under control.

We'd like to think we're like librarians

We wrangle with your book as you release it into the wild. We give the viewer a digital library card. They check a few books out, peruse through them, and return them to us. Wash, rinse, repeat. We make it easy for you and easy for them.

Our exhibitions are interactive

The goal of the Project is to get blank sketchbooks into the artists' hands and then completed sketchbooks into the world for viewers to enjoy. We've taken the Project to task four times before, and our fifth go-around has some awesome improvements. We know where your book is at all times, and we're collecting statistics on who's looking at what - and where. We want you to feel connected to your book and the Project as it travels around the country.