Let your sketchbook out into the wild, we will keep you connected.

We know how precious a sketchbook is. You carry it with you everywhere, spending months working on it. It becomes a part of you. When you're finished, share your hard work with the world. We'll make sure you stay connected with your sketchbook for years to come after we catalog it in Brooklyn Art Library.

Here is what you get:

Your book is unique - And trackable

Your sketchbook will be given a barcode with a unique number - this allows us to keep track of your book and record who views it at every tour date and while it's in Brooklyn Art Library. And after we catalog it, artists will be able to log-on and view realtime statistics about their book for years to come.


Your work, on display

Your work will live indefinitely at our brick and mortar library space in Brooklyn, NY. Brooklyn Art Library, the world's largest library of sketchbooks, houses over 36,000 sketchbooks. Our system is democratic and allows for all books to have a chance to be viewed. Make sure you send your family and friends on their next NY trip.

Tag and Catalog your sketchbook

Artists can attach as many searchable tags and keywords to their books as they want, helping visitors to find exactly what their looking for in our tailored and intentional check-out experience.



Help build a creative resource

In completing a sketchbook, you are adding your voice to a dense archive of creative material built from the ground up by a diverse community of artists from around the globe. Our collection includes chapbooks, zines, travel journals, stories, memoirs, and more; some books are silly and uplifting, while others are revealing and heartbreaking. On a single shelf, a book made by a professional illustrator can sit next to a book made by a student in a second grade classroom. There is value in every book in our collection, and each book has a story to tell.

An alternative audience for your work

The Sketchbook Project is a way to reengage with your creative self and share your work with the world. Our check-out process marries digital and analog ways of discovering artwork; after searching our catalog, visitors select specific books to view in a hands-on, interactive experience. Visitors are then encouraged to follow artists' work using info on the back cover of each sketchbook, where artists can list urls and social media handles. We're putting the social aspect back in social media, connecting audiences with artists in an analog experience that can't be found anywhere else.

Text messages, from your sketchbook

We offer free notifications via text or email, every time your book is viewed. Think about it, you are sitting around on a Saturday afternoon when you get a text that someone in the world is looking at your work right now. It's like a million times better than a like.


The project gets around

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The Sketchbook Project 2018
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STANDARD: Book lives in the physical library and is searchable in person only.

DIGITIZED: Book lives in the physical library and ALSO scanned and added to our online library. Searchable both in person and online.

SUPPLIES: Your sketchbook will come with a custom pencil pouch (that fits your sketchbook), 2 Microns, a pencil, sharpener and eraser.


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