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It’s like a library, but with sketchbooks.


Each artist is sent the same 5''x7'' blank custom SBP sketchbook. We've only got a few rules: first, the book must be used in some way - no sending us back an empty book or a completely different book! Second, the sketchbook must stay within its original dimensions.

Each book will be given a barcode so we can easily catalog it into Brooklyn Art Library's system. Once we catalog it, artists will be able to track where their book travels, how often it is viewed and how many times someone pulled it from the shelf - we want to make sure you can stay connected with your sketchbook!

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Brooklyn Art Library averages 77 books checked out per day we are open! That’s over 19,000 books viewed a year!


Yearly Sketchbook checkouts


It’s like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks.


Gain access to your own catalog page + Dashboard


Ready to have your sketchbook travel the US? Each book submitted prior to the deadline, will be included in our 3 city tour. Plus, selected books will be a part of our California, Richmond, and Florida tours next year.

Your book travels in a refurbished 1985 Piaggio Ape Bookmobile. Events are ALWAYS free and open to the public. You can see, in real time, where your book is and where it will travel too.

Each participant gets to catalog and tag their book. All of these terms are then searchable in our in-person kiosk. The more tags you have, the better chance that your book will be viewed.

Each time your book is viewed, you will receive a text message from us, letting you know!


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