Huffington Post

May 5 2015

In less than a decade, the Sketchbook Project has been able to collect more than 30,000 sketchbooks offered up by individuals spanning 130 countries and six continents. This month, the Brooklyn-based organization releases the fruits of its labor in a 256-page tome dedicated to a crowd-sourced library of doodles, drawings, scribbles and scrawls.

New York Times

MAY 10, 2012


On a recent Tuesday afternoon, the library drew locals and tourists like Thanassis Petropoulos, a professional comic-book artist visiting from Athens, who said he was so moved by the books that he thought he might submit his own next year.

“This is personal, this is someone, these are moments,” Mr. Petropoulos said after leafing through several sketchbooks with his friend George Athanasiu at one of the library’s long wooden tables. “It’s like you’re having coffee with your girlfriend and you’re going to do a sketch of her. When you’re done, this ends up here and someone from around the world can see moments from your life.”

The New Yorker

June 3rd, 2015

The sketchbooks have an aura of privacy—missives from minds all over the world. Looking through them feels like a delightful form of snooping.


June 29, 2015

Nestled among the second hand bookshops, vintage clothing, and vegan cafes of Williamsburg is a library. This isn’t your local library, with its browning corners and scent of neglect, nor is it an exclusive ivory tower of obscure academia and overpriced entry.


I'm so so honored that The Sketchbook Project chose this drawing (which was part of my sketchbook 2014) to be part of the 100 or so prints they are selling in their new print shop. Not only are they respectful of artists (proceeds of the sales are split 50/50 with the artists), but they also have a beautiful mission: they've created a collaborative, global library of sketchbooks that brings together professionals and amateurs, and infuses creativity in people's lives. THANK YOU The Sketchbook Project - you guys are awesome.