Cover to Cover Workshop with Greg Kletsel

Cover to Cover Workshop with Greg Kletsel


Saturday, June 15th from 1-3pm
Brooklyn Art Library

Greg Kletsel is an illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY.

“I'm an obsessive drawer and keeper of sketchbooks, a teacher at Pratt Institute, and creator of an animated short for Nickelodeon called "Farkels". Here's a drawn interview I did for Doodlers Anonymous that will tell you some more about me.” His clients include: The New York Times, The New Yorker, ESPN, Nickelodeon, Entertainment Weekly, Netflix, Vulture / New York Magazine, Playboy, Harvard Business Review, Etsy, BuzzFeed, GQ and many more.

In this workshop Greg will provide several prompts to help participants fill out a sketchbook from start to finish in the time allotted. Pens and pencils provided. Attendees of the workshop will receive 30% off a Sketchbook Project sketchbook to become a part of the Brooklyn Art Library.

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