Workshop with Jordan Sondler

Workshop with Jordan Sondler


Saturday, June 8, 2-5pm
Brooklyn Art Library

Jordan Sondler is an illustrator living in New York City with her Pomeranian, Ramona Singer. She designs many things, including murals, television sets, 90s nostalgia diaries, and beyond. Jordan has a weakness for gummy candy, growing her plant family, and collecting soul records. Her clients include Google, Nickelodeon,, Urban Outfitters, Hallmark, Kotex, Maisonette, New York Magazine, and more.

In this workshop Jordan will demonstrate to participants how she takes stock of her feelings and emotions through her work. Participants will in turn create work in their own sketchbooks as a form of self care. Pens and pencils provided. Attendees of the workshop will receive 30% off a Sketchbook Project sketchbook to become a part of the Brooklyn Art Library.

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